RSCON3 Official Grand Prize Raffle: iPAD2

Official Reform Symposium Grand Prize Raffle: iPAD 2

We need a little bit of YOUR help to create a RSCON3 iPhone and iPad app.

The Reform Symposium is a worldwide community of educators who believe in the mission of authentic 21st century learning, and the exchange of ideas and resources. By filling out a 5 minute survey with your thoughts of teaching creativity, innovation, collaboration, empathy, citizenship, digital literacies and student assessment, we aim to publish your thoughts within a FREE Reform Symposium iPhone and iPad app and accompanying mini-site late August/early September. This survey will be available at the start of the Symposium and closes at the end of the last session on the 3rd day.

Click here to fill out the survey and enter the official Reform Symposium Grand Prize Raffle to win an iPad 2!

First prize for one lucky educator attendee – sponsored by Being Prudence.

One shiny new iPad 2 with Wi-Fi, 16GB – Your choice of color, as long as it’s black or white.

(Minor fine print: Shipped for free to any country with an official online Apple Store. If you live in country unsupported by an Apple Store, we’ll arrange for it to be shipped to the closest country of your choice, with additional shipping charges and taxes payable by you. The unit is new, with 12 month Apple international warranty. And if you’d like the laser engraving that Apple offers on the back of your iPad, just ask. iPad Smartcase as shown in the photo above is not supplied.)


The winner of the iPad 2 first prize, along with ten runner-ups will also receive the following handpicked software prizes.

From Being Prudence:

I Live Over Here – a DIY app

The final version of the project based learning app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and website. You can find learn more at Heidi Siwak’s RSCON3 presentation where she will discuss the learning opportunities encountered by her Grade 6 class during the initial trial. The project based app allows children and youth from Grade 3 upwards to learn multiple integrated curricula to create their own iPhone/iPad app, using technologies including location based augmented reality data, visual and language arts based software, and will also shortly incorporate interactive 3D photographic panoramas.

This product will retail for $15 per class licence on the App Store, and includes accompanying access to a web based authoring system and accompanying creative-commons licenced curriculum. For our lovely RSCON winners, the prize will be a site licence for your whole school, not just your class.





Felicity from Thin Air

Beta access will be made available to our K-3 visual arts/creativity curriculum app currently under development, and a full site licence for your school when the iPad/iPhone/desktop Mac & Windows app is released later this year.

Felicity is six and three quarters and lives in the steampunk city of Thin Air, high up in the clouds. She loves making things and performing magic tricks.

Felicity and Bunny

Felicity and Bunny

A transmedia “book” authored by widely-adored childrens authors and illustrators (including Cynthia Jabar and Claire Robertson), Felicity’s adventures are integrated with a curriculum of visual arts and creative thinking designed by experienced visual arts teachers. Kid created arts and craft projects, made using cheap, recyclable material are incorporated into the global city of Thin Air – a world that a child literally creates in the real world using their own creativity, and can step into and share with other children through the pages of a networked “book” that never ends.

Using the magic of augmented reality, and a child focused networked multiplayer world – they explore skills to learn creative thinking and visual & mathematical design, in the vein of a steampunk, DIY arts & craft, Minecraft-esque world.

Felicity and her friends will accompany your children on magic-filled adventures in the tradition of Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree novels, while learning 21st century models of game-based learning, sharing and remix, digital citizenship and collaborative learning. Watch our YouTube video to see Felicity perform some special magic tricks with children with using our Felicity from Thin Air iPhone app.




The Land of Me

This multiple award winning early childhood digital literacy product from London based company Made in Me is in a class of it’s own. Recent accolades include Practical Parenting Awards, Nursery Management Today 2010 Winner, European Design Award, Babyology, Wired Magazine, Early Years Educator magazine, Creative Child – Media of the Year Award, and FWA People’s Choice award.

The Land of Me has partnered with Penguin Publishing owned Ladybird’s imprint and also launched a Scotland based, three council school pilot program in January 2011 with tremendous success.

Comments from teachers in the Consolarium schools trial:
“The Land of Me is more than a piece of software, it is a digital experience for young learners.”

“There is so much potential for children to develop their learning and creativity away from the 2D computer screen. It offers many opportunities for teachers to ask key questions when working with children.”

 “The material is perfect to explore the many literacy outcomes in CfE.”


The Grand Prize winner will receive in the mail a beautifully packaged physical copy of the Land of Me, mailed to you with love and care. Runners-up will receive downloadable copies of all chapters. All prizes for the Land of Me will be full site licences, not just a single computer licence.

Find out more at http://madeinme.com





From Finland developer Esa Helttula’s idevbooks company:

idevbook’s iPhone/iPod Touch apps are used in schools throughout the world to teach mathematics at K-6 elementary/primary grade levels.

For the iPhone and iPod Touch:
Fraction Math
Column Addition
Column Subtraction
Long Division
Long Multiplication
Lattice Multiplication
Partial Products Multiplication
Partial Quotients Divison
Partial Sums Addition

Bonus prize: a new multiplication tables iPad app. Allowing learners to playfully visualize and interact with the multiplication table, it encourages the intepretation of mathematics in a variety of visual, geometric settings.

“A Set of Excellent iPhone Math Apps for the Older Child … Also, if you get the wrong answer for any step in the problems, the app just sits there waiting for you to give the correct answer. There isn’t any negative reinforcement.”

“The immediate and correct feedback to the learner that the app provides is also a huge plus, and something a student does not get when completing a typical paper and pencil worksheet or even other educational math software. This is a unique and powerful app that math teachers, parents, and best of all, students are going to love.”

Education Apps Review, http://www.iear.org:
“This app is fantastic!! It takes the students through the steps of a long division problem and shows them how each step of the problem is related to multiplication. It is clear, easy to read and to navigate around. It is more than just skill and drill, as the students need to have some conceptual understanding of what they are doing. My third graders loved learning with this app! It has infinite enriching and differentiating possibilities, as the students can select easier or more challenging types of problems.”

Find out more at http://idevbooks.com



From L’Escapadou in France.

Montessori Crosswords for the iPhone or iPad

Children’s Technology Review’s “Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design” – 4.8 stars out of 5
“It is an extremely powerful early reading experience.”

New-York Times “The 3-year-old has learned to spell compound words through an app called Montessori Crosswords.”

Featured by Apple in “Apps for Learning to Read”,”Apps for learning to Write”,”Words for the Wise”

Sue Holt (via iear.org)
“As an experienced, National Board Certified Teacher I have high standards for what I think is a good app, especially when it comes to paid ones. This app is a must have for families and teachers of 3-8 year olds. It allows students to practice spelling at their level, whether CVC words, CVCe, etc. I especially love the hint feature that allows children to successfully complete more challenging words.

I use this app in my kindergarten class during reading groups. It is very useful for Making Words lessons, by using the moveable alphabet … My 3 yr old likes to play with it, building words using the hints and repeating the letter sounds. My 7 year old practices his spelling with it too … There are few apps I would pay for to put on all of my classroom iPads, but this is certainly one of them.”

Word Wizard

Discover the first educational app that fully exploits natural sounding text-to-speech voices to help kids learn word building and spelling.

Kids can now build any word or sentence using a Movable Alphabet and immediately hear the text they wrote, as well as verify spelling using the built-in spell checker.

“I love the talking alphabet. The verbal feedback helps children decide if the letter they chose is indeed the letter intended. The voice reads whatever words the child creates, which give another opportunity for children to self-correct if the word does not sound like the word the child wrote. The app supports letter recognition, phonological awareness, spelling and self-correction without sacrificing fun. I will certainly recommend it to early educators.”
Mary Ellin Logue, Ed.D, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education,University of Maine

Find out more at http://lescapadou.com/


Animalia for iPad and iPhone

The Animalia apps was developed in tight collaboration with famed Australian childrens author and illustrator Grame Base, the much-loved and internationally acclaimed author of twelve books which have collectively sold in excess of five million copies worldwide.

Animalia has been a featured title in the App Store. #2 iPad app in Australia. #1 in iPad Books in the US and Australia. Top 10 iPad Books in 15 countries.

From Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime
“Each page of the lavish artwork from the original book is available for exploration, including the ability to use two fingers to enlarge the pages for closer examination. This is a beautiful game, based on a beautiful book, but alas, there is no way to really just read the book. It’s a cross-over, a Book/Game/Education app, really. If the AppStore added “Edutainment” this would be a top hit.

I don’t think I’ll be doing kids game reviews anytime soon, but only because they are time consuming to review. This is a fun game and very educational. I’d recommend it … but not at bedtime, for obvious reasons.”

More information at http://appbooks.com/animalia-for-ipad/

From iHomeEducator

iLiveMath Speed – iear.org’s 2010 Best Math App award (1 of 4 iLiveMath apps)

Teach math, reading, and science. Basic to Advanced mathematics include addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Reading comprehension and science concepts include mph, km/h, knots, Mach, speed of sound, Supersonic, Hypersonic, etc..

iLiveMath Speed is packed with multimedia photos, videos, sounds to engage students in understanding addition, subtraction, rate, distance, time, etc…

AND the NEW iPlanLessons iPhone/iPad app, released just this week!

Over the last two years many teachers and parents who homeschool have approached iHomeEducator, Inc. with the follow request:

“Please develop an app that helps me plan my lessons.”

This is the result after much research, consultation and development.

http://www.ihomeeducator.com/ also offer a wide range of education apps designed for school and homeschooling use, covering math, grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

Annie Fox & David Fox’s Middle School Confidential

Annie Fox is a respected educator, award-winning author, and a trusted online adviser. Her life’s work is helping teens become more self-aware, self-confident and better able to make choices that reflect who they really are. She does it through Q&A, events at schools, and books like her Middle School Confidential™ series. Her husband David Fox was one of the original LucasArts video game designers and even has his own wikipedia entry. (-;

“I don’t say this very often about many apps… I actually believe this book app has the power and the possibility to change many lives for the better, so for that reason i think it’s absolutely fantastic.”
– Gary James, Apps for Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN)

“I am a huge comic book fan. I created a graphic novel course in my high school because I knew there were a number of students in my school that were reading these types of stories and I wanted to help them get the most out of their reading… One graphic novel, Middle School Confidential, does an excellent job of telling an important story for students in Middle School. Each chapter is about certain part of growing up that all of us had to deal with at some point. Self image is a big one in those pre-teen/early teen years and I like the way this story addressed these issues… Whether it is about making assumptions, freaking out at friends, dealing with stress and the other issues kids deal with daily, this graphic novel does an excellent job of walking the reader through these situations.”
– Nicholas Provenzano, The Nerdy Teacher

“I don’t review a lot of books for older readers, but this graphic novel release of the 1st book in the Middle School Confidential series is really a stunning offering in the App Store… I think many elementary age children will relate to the topics, like self-consciousness, bullying, stress, fitting in, sticky issues in friendships and learning to like yourself …

… I only wish Annie Fox had written these fabulous books when I was a middle school counselor earlier in the decade. The series is just that exceptional. It’s fun, hip and something youth will relate to. It’s also packed with great stories that will guide them to feel better about themselves, think more deeply about problems and understand how to be a friend not only to others but to themselves … If you work with youth or have a child in 5-8th grade in particular, share your iPad and this book with them—you’ll both feel better after reading it. My highest recommendation! 5 Stars!”
— Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime

NOTE: This prize will be available to be redeemed when the next updated version is approved by Apple at the end of August.

Find out more at: http://www.middleschoolconfidential.com/


Amos Latteier & Melinda Matson’s The Strange & Wonderful World of Ants.

A beautifully designed and quirky science app for kids. It features a unique adjustable reading level making it appealing to a wide range of children and adults.


“This app makes learning science fun.” ★★★★ (4 out of 4 stars)
USA Today









“Upon opening this book,
I immediately thought, ‘Wow!’”
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)
Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime









“The ability to adjust the reading level of a book’s text is amazing” ★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)
Common Sense Media

“As a teacher of middle years science, this would be a great app to promote scientific literacy in the classroom and to engage students in a project about insects.” iear.org





And from Kelly Tenkely, one of our own RSCON3 Keynote Speaker and Organizer, her fun Pickn’Stix iPhone app

… because she and her husband are super clever & creative people who like to share.

Find out more at the iTunes App Store.


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