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rscon3 keynote

Keynote: Paula White

Paula White

Paula White

As one of the founding members of the collaborative blog, Cooperative Catalyst (http://coopcatalyst.wordpress.com), I lead conversations on educational transformation–and I do that with my kids, too. My personal blog, Reflections of the TZST TEACHER (http://tzstchr.edublogs.org), serves as a model for my students as they begin establishing their digital footprint through wikis and blogs. My students leave my room with a deep understanding of the potential for online venues as an avenue for worldwide collaboration. On Twitter, as @paulawhite, I have helped to organize and collect links for events such as  #Blog4Reform, #blog4nwp and I’m currently setting up for the #blog4SOSMarch (http://www.SaveOurSchoolsMarch.org), where I model the importance of sharing your voice. My students have presented at local and national conferences, as well as the k12online conference, and some have produced award winning visual arts projects and websites. My current innovations include not only supporting my students work with wikis and blogs, but digital fabrication and STEM/STEAM work as well. My passion for learning can be seen in the stories I share from my classroom, where I advocate for students to guide their own learning and be leaders themselves.

Keynote Title: Who Directs the Learning?

Description: Should we listen to the learners? Should we look at what students say and how to shape what they ask for to best scaffold them to be successful at life outside of the bubble tests? I say yes. I believe we should empower them to lead their own learning even in our current, confining cages of school. Let’s talk about how to change those structures and move the emphasis of education away from teaching to lasting learning. I can share stories of students whose learning has lasted decades, who remember important lessons we went through together and I can cite specific behaviors that make that learning so powerful.  Join the conversation to delve into transformational learning practices that change how students view “school”  and that changes what they do.

Presenter website: http://tzstchr.edublogs.org/2010/04/04/kidsmattermore/

Presenter Twitter– @paulawhite

Dates & Times: Sunday, July 31st, 9am to 10am LA time; 12noon NYC time. More time zones

Schedule with Webinar Room Link: Schedule (see line 133 on the timezone sheets).



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