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Dr. Pamela Burnard

Dr. Pamela Burnard’s career has been woven from a combination of experiences as a musician, performer, educator, academic and researcher in Australia, USA and England from where she holds degrees in Music Performance, Music Education, and Education. She is internationally known for her work in the areas of creative learning and teaching, musical creativity/ies, assessing creativity and the sociology of music education. She acts as mentor for the Welsh Educational Research Network (WERN). Internationally known for her work as an academic, educator, researcher, editor and workshop facilitator, Pamela is co-convenor of the BERA Creativity SIG, co-editor of the British Journal of Music Education, Associate Editor of Psychology of Music and serves on 9 other editorial boards. Pamela manages an extensive research seminar programme which supplements the Masters in Arts, Culture and Education, a course she initiated and has built extensive networks which link university, school and community arts organizations.

Keynote Title: Creativity and creative learning: Redefining the future of learning

The desirability of creativity in learning is being emphasised
globally. Creative learning derives its uniqueness from giving
students the potential to experience learning in a completely new way.
This presentation focuses on the how, what and why of creative
learning. It explores evidence-based research by teachers in the UK,
USA, Europe and Australia with children and young people in a variety
of settings, on themes arising from education programmes creatively
inclusive, culturally responsive and engaging for students from
diverse racial, ethnic, cultural and linguistic groups. Involving
students as stakeholders in their own education will be shown to have
significance to expanding the remit on what constitutes diverse,
inclusive and real world creativities which can empower teachers and
transform teaching in a range of different contexts including primary,
secondary and further education learning communities.
Presenter website: Educ.cam.ac.uk/people/staff/burnard/

Dates & Times: Saturday, July 3oth, 5:00 to 6:00am LA time/ 1pm London time/ 10pm Melbourne time. Here are more time zones, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=1&iso=20110730T05&p1=137&ah=1

Schedule with Webinar Room Link: Schedule (see line 60 on the timezone sheets).



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