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Jo Hart: Open Discussion-Classroom Management

Originally from the UK now living in rural Western Australia. Jo has a background in science, equine studies (including teaching horse riding) and in the the transferable/ employability skills. Currently a lecturer in Literacy and Numeracy (with some IT) in the public Vocational Education and Training sector (TAFE). Her students are very varied: culturally & linguistically diverse mature age adults; people with intellectual disabilities; “Youth at (educational) Risk”. When Jo teaches face to face classes she has five literacy levels, this combined with the human diversity of her learners makes e-solutions almost essential for Jo in the classroom. Currently (2010) Jo is teaching solely online across three/four literacy levels with regional/remote students. This is an innovative programme as it is both the first completely online programme in her college, and (we think probably) the first of its kind with these learner target groups. Jo uses Virtual Classroom (Elluminate) a lot, the WebCT CE6 Learning Management System and anything else “e-” that might help to provide a blend that aims to give this learner cohort enough support and flexibility to keep them on track. She also has online regional/remote students. Jo loves to learn herself and has a passion for opening these same doors for learners. She enjoys exploring “e-stuff” immensely and sees this as an essential addition to her “toolbox” for engaging and motivating learners.

Jo has developed, gained funding for and managed/facilitated a number projects in e-learning contexts since moving to WA and in the course of these, her current lecturing role, and her PLN have facilitated and supported other lecturers in my organization and elsewhere in using e-solutions.

She facilitates webinars in the Edublogs Elluminate room http://bit.ly/17lTIE (usually Thursday GMT 23:00)

Open Discussion: Classroom Management

Description: An open discussion where you can bring in the struggles with your classes. We will have experienced teachers offer practical ideas on how to manage the classroom.

Date & Times: 6pm-6:30pm PST, New York 9pm EST, Denver 7pm MST, London 2am Sun. GMT, Paris 3am Sun. CET, Perth 10am Sun., Sydney 1pm Sun., Tokyo 11am Sun. Click here for more time zones!

Click here to join the presentation: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2008350&password=M.C08E5BFC17AA1B324E03356C722F82

If you missed the presentation, click here to see the archive: Coming soon!

Presenter’s Website: E-verything

Twitter: @JoHart

Interview about the upcoming discussion:

The Reform Symposium, August 2010 Recording: View the Elluminate Live! recording



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