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Greta Sandler: Creating Safe Learning Environments

Greta Sandler

Greta Sandler is an ESL teacher. She teaches 5th grade at a K-12 school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is passionate about teaching and technology. She loves to create meaningful learning opportunities for her students by combining her two passions. She is the co-creator of Blog4Edu. Blog4Edu is a project to support new education bloggers, student bloggers, new bloggers, and those who feel they need more support from their educator community.

Presentation: Creating Safe Learning Environments

Description: If we want to encourage the love for learning in our students we should work hard to connect with them and build trusting relationships. During this session we will share different ways to get students to trust us and each other.

Date & Times: 5pm-5:30pm PST, New York 8pm EST, Denver 6pm MST, London 1am Sun. GMT, Paris 2am Sun. CET, Perth 9am Sun., Sydney 12pm Sun., Tokyo 10am Sun. Click here for more time zones!

If you missed the presentation, click here to see the archive.

Presenter’s Website: About a Teacher

Twitter: @Gret



One thought on “Greta Sandler: Creating Safe Learning Environments

  1. I am an EDM 310 student from the University of South Alabama. I have been absent from the teaching profession for many years. However, I am eager to return to the classroom. I was inspired after viewing your presentation on Creating A Safe Learning Environment. I agree that a safe learning environment is an essential component before learning can take place. I particularly liked your comment, If one succeeds, we all succeed. I believe that this commend would be a great mission statement for education. I also agree and believe that parent involvement is another vital aspect that cannot be eliminated from the learning process.

    Posted by Regina Sawyer | June 1, 2011, 11:30 am

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