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Keynote Conversation: Nate Kogan

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, Nate Kogan is presently an Upper School History Teacher atFort Worth Country Day in Fort Worth, TX. Nate also moonlights (literally) at the University of Texas at Arlington in pursuit of his Ph.D in history. Nate holds a B.A. in history and architectural history from Columbia College, Columbia University (NY), and an M.A. in history from the University of Texas at Arlington.

His pedagogical interests presently center on how to integrate technology into the  classroom to encourage greater student accountability, self-directedness, and improved critical thinking and research skills. His historical research interests center on U.S. cultural history and the role of identity in history. In particular, (largely attributable to his upbringing as a Jewish gentile in the land formerly known as Deseret) Nate explores the history of the LDS Church, its changing presentation of identity to various outsider groups, and its concomitant quest for integration into the mainstream.

Find additional links and resources at his Google Profile page or Zotero CV.

Keynote with Russ Goerend: Research and Its Movement from Analog

Description:Open conversation with educators.

Date & Times: Sat. July 31st 5:30pm-6:30pm LA/ 8:30pm NYC/ 1:30am, Sun. London/ 2:30am, Sun. 8/1 Paris/ 10:30am, Sun., Sydney/ 9:30am, Sun., Tokyo
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If you missed this presentation, click here to see the archive: View the Elluminate Live! recording

Twitter: @Nkogan



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