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Keynote Moderator: Lisa Dabbs

Lisa Dabbs started her career as an elementary school teacher teaching in the grade she loves most:Kindergarten! She has also worked as a Project Director of a Language and Literacy program. Soon after, she was called to serve as an elementary school principal, and did that for 14 years. Recently she has worked as a consultant for Kaplan K-12 Educational Corporation and as an Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Level courses. She has a B. A. in Child Development and a M. Ed. in Educational Administration.

Currently, you can find her supporting new teachers by facilitating the New Teacher Connections group on The George Lucas Educational Foundation Edutopia website. She’s also the administrator of a chat for New and Pre-Service Teachers on Twitter: #ntchat. The chat occurs every Wednesday at 4PM PDT/7PM EDT focused on topics that resonate with new teachers in the field. The wikispaces for the New Teacher Chat http://newteacherchat.wikispaces.com/ and the info for the New Teacher Group: http://www.edutopia.org/groups/new-teacher-connections Lisa invites all who have interest to join the chat!

Lisa is huge fan of Non-Profit work and serves on two local non-profit boards. She was also recently named as Library Board of Trustee for her city. Lisa mentors aspiring teachers and administrators as well as home school moms. Lisa is the wife of a General Contractor and a Mom of two sons.

Reading, singing and listening to classical music are her hobbies. Coffee is definitely her drink of choice!

As time has passed, she continues to feel courageous about blogging. She is an amateur writer, and an aspiring author. One of her dreams is to pen the story of her grandmother’s life as a teacher and college professor in the near future.

Friday Leadership Panel: Effective Leadership in Schools
Description: The panel will focus on Educational Leadership and how teachers can get their leadership on board with using technology or innovative practices.

Date & Times: Fri. July 30th 5:30pm-6pm LA/ 8:30pm NYC/1:30am, Sat. 7/31, London/ 2:30am, Sat. 7/31 Paris/ 10:30am, Sat., Sydney/ 9:30am, Sat., Tokyo
Click here for more time zones!

Saturday Presentation with Joan Young: New Teacher Survival Kit
Description: Our presentation will focus on sharing some secrets for success in the first years of teaching

Date & Times: Sat. July 31st 3:30pm-4pm LA/ 6:30pm NYC/11:30pm, London/ 12:30am, Sun. 8/1 Paris/ 8:30am, Sun., Sydney/ 7:30am, Sun., Tokyo
Click here for more time zones!

If you missed the Education Leadership Panel Discussion, click here to see the archive: https://sas.elluminate.com/p.jnlp?psid=2010-07-30.1719.M.50C91CD8007858C57555754F6933CF.vcr&sid=2008350

If you missed the presentation, click here to see the archive: View the Elluminate Live! recording

Presenter’s Website: Teaching With Soul

Twitter: @teachingwthsoul



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