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Keynote: Shelly Blake-Plock

As an artist and teacher, Shelly is an everyday instigator for progressive art, organization, and education. In addition to his work teaching high school Latin and Art History, Shelly is a member of both the experimental Red Room Collective and Baltimore’s High Zero Foundation; he also works daily as lead blogger at teachpaperless.com to promote fresh ways of thinking about new culture and new education for a new millennium.

An unapologetic advocate for free universal unrestricted Wi-Fi access for all students, for the last few years Shelly has been experimenting with the full integration of social and participatory media into his high school classes. Fully relishing the criticism of naysayers, Shelly has come to believe that he was definitely made for these times.

Keynote: What We Do
Description: A view from the classroom and a conversation about what 21C learning looks like on the ground level. There will be many examples of the practical and everyday use of Twitter, Jing, Wave, Blogs, Wikis, and more as used by students and teachers alike as well as a look at how to transform the physical space of the classroom into a 21C learning environment conducive to collaboration, mobile computing, and tech-integrated differentiated instruction.

Date & Times: Fri. July 30th 7pm-8pm LA/ 10pm NYC/ 3am, Sat. 7/31, London/ 4am, Sat. Paris/ 12noon, Sat., Sydney/ 11am, Sat., Tokyo
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If you missed the Keynote, click here to see the archive: View the Elluminate Live! recording

Keynote’s Website: Teach Paperless

Twitter: @teachpaperless




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